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Intermountain Healthcare Names Chief Patient Safety and Experience Officer

Date Mar 01, 2017

Shannon Connor Phillips, MD, MPH, has been named as Intermountain Healthcare’s Chief Patient Safety and Experience Officer.

Announcing Empiric Health, a Proven Platform To Activate Evidence-Based Care

Date Feb 20, 2017

Intermountain Healthcare and Oxeon have announced the formation and launch of Empiric Health, an independent company that will offer a revolutionary program to truly enable evidenced-based...

Intermountain Foundation Again Named ‘High Performer’

Date Feb 02, 2017

Intermountain Foundation named as one of only 51 "High Performers" by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP).

Intermountain Precision Genomics Announces Translational Science Center

Date Feb 01, 2017

The Translational Science Center will house several of the latest high-throughput next-generation sequencing instruments for large-scale whole genome sequencing.

Hearts Need Proper Care, Maintenance — Just Like Cars

Date Jan 30, 2017

Timely car maintenance is usually high on people’s to-do lists; but proper heart maintenance often gets left off completely. Experts at

Intermountain a finalist for Hearst Health Prize for Pioneering Team-Based Care

Date Jan 29, 2017

Intermountain Healthcare was named one of three finalists this week for the Hearst Health Prize in Partnership with College of Population Health.