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‘My Heart Challenge’ Mom Inspires 20 Other Utah Moms to ‘Get Out of the Stands and Into the Pool’ for Water Polo Match

Date Jul 16, 2015

​​During the last seven weeks of the My Heart Challenge, the moms have taken time out of their schedule to learn how to swim, and how to play the game of water polo. Come watch them on Thursday,...

Using Data to Improve Health Outcomes

Date Jul 07, 2015

Data and its use are helping to improve healthcare and patient outcomes at Intermountain Healthcare according to a new study...

Three wrong ways to run and their solutions

Date Jun 30, 2015

In football, there’s a wrong way to tackle. In basketball, there’s a wrong way to shoot. Anyone training for a summer or fall race may want to remember there’s also a wrong way to...

New Screening Program Utilizing CT Scans at Intermountain Medical Center Improves Lung Cancer Detection for Smokers and Former Smokers

Date Jun 30, 2015

​​Long-time smokers and past smokers now have a more accurate way of detecting whether or not they have lung cancer thanks to a comprehensive lung cancer screening program implemented at...

Surgery saves teen from embarrassment of sweaty palms

Date Jun 29, 2015

Simple surgery saves 14-year-old from the embarrassing problem of extremely sweaty hands and puts her on the road to happiness and a normal social life.