At Primary Children's Hospital, we believe that nurses entering the specialty field of pediatrics require a unique skillset rooted in knowledge and critical thinking to achieve competence in a supportive environment. Our goal is to help others strive to develop a passion for pediatrics and a compassionate commitment to children.

Our pediatric nurse residency program was established to provide nurses with the following:

  • A structured learning environment
  • Integration into the role of the professional pediatric nurse
  • Professional satisfaction and increased commitment to Primary Children’s Medical Center
  • A safe, nurturing and supportive atmosphere

Program Structure

  • Program is offered three times per year (winter, summer, and fall)
  • 10-week program
  • One 2-4 hour educational workshop per week
  • Simulation lab
  • Extended clinical orientation with a clinical coach
  • RN integration

Weekly Workshops

Workshops are designed to provide opportunities to interact with other new RNs, learn from Primary Children's experts, and gain specialized pediatric training and education. Workshops are offered several times each week, and pre-registration is not typically required.

Sim Lab

You will have an opportunity to experience the High-Fidelity Simulation Lab.

  • 3-hour sessions
  • Sessions will include simulation experience, and debriefing

Clinical Experiences

  • You and your clinical coach will discuss patient assignment, level of independence, skills, and procedures to be practiced.
  • Your clinical educator will help you achieve orientation goals with direct feedback and the tracking of your progress. In addition, a clinical coach will help evaluate your progress.


Since healthcare is a team experience, you will share a patient assignment with another RN. You will receive and give a report together, looking for learning opportunities, discussing patient issues, and ranking priorities of care. The lead RN will be available to guide and assist you whenever needed.

How to Apply

  • Once employed by Primary Children's Hospital, new graduate RNs are automatically enrolled in the residency program.
  • To apply for new graduate RN positions with Primary Children's, please check the Intermountain Healthcare Careers Website.
  • Positions to which New Graduate RN's can apply will typically have "New Grad Residency" in the title of the position.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Clinical Programs Coordinator
Julie Janes, RN, BSN
Phone: (801) 662-3529

Primary Children’s Nurse Recruitment
Tonya King,  RACR, CIR