Meet Alexis & Ricky

Five years ago, their love story began at Primary Children’s Hospital while they were starting their fight against cancer. Alexis and Ricky have a remarkable story and we need you to be part of this incredible journey as we improve cancer treatment for all children and young adults. 

Alexis, the Bride

At 15 years old, Alexis (Lex) was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital when after stomach pain worsened during her high school dance performance. 
During her visit, she was diagnosed with High-Risk Neuroblastoma

After her diagnosis, Lex endured chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, many rounds of radiation, months of antibody therapy, and months of maintenance chemotherapy. To compliment her therapy, she underwent three major surgeries and countless minor procedures – all at Primary Children’s Hospital. 

Lex reflects on her experience and shares, “during all of this, I learned so much that I couldn’t have learned any other way. I have grown so much through this trial and am extremely grateful for that.” 

Lex still visits Primary Children’s Hospital every three months for check-ups.  

Ricky, the Groom

Ricky was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital when he was 15 years old. He was a star on his high school’s basketball team and suddenly grew concerned as he began to feel like he was losing his strength. He eventually struggled to even stand on his own

At the hospital, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Ricky went through many treatments and persevered. He was in remission until the age of 19, when doctors discovered his cancer returned. 
Lex shares, “I was able to be there for him when he relapsed. We are able to be there for one another, just as we always had been - for better or worse.” 

Ricky takes chemotherapy pills daily and will continue to do so through early 2020. 

Meet Jazmyn

Jazmyn is an active two-year-old who loves to sing, dance, and play at the parks near her home. She is always trying to make everyone around her smile and laugh. Her spirit has never wavered, even though she has Neuroblastoma Stage 4 Cancer.

Neuroblastoma is a very rare type of cancerous tumor that accounts for 7% - 10% of all childhood cancers. Symptoms widely vary, but many children with this diagnosis, like Jazmyn, require surgery and chemotherapy. Jazmyn has had seven surgeries thus far and is currently undergoing chemotherapy with antibody therapy.

Up until only a few months ago, Jazmyn’s parents never suspected there was anything wrong with their beautiful baby. But a routine visit to the pediatrician uncovered concerns that led Jazmyn and her family to the experts at Primary Children’s Hospital. Soon they learned that Jazmyn is considered a “high risk” patient, which means her body is more susceptible to infection. To ensure her immune system remained as healthy as possible to undergo life-saving surgeries, Jazmyn had to spend 10 months of her young life in the Immunocompromised Unit at Primary Children’s. Medical isolation can be very challenging and confusing for a young child being told they are not able to leave their room.

Isolation for a young two-year-old was a daunting task, made bearable only because of the Music Therapy program at Primary Children’s Hospital. Music Therapists would visit Jazmyn, entertain her, and engage her in making music to help her healing journey. Music Therapy proved to be a source of serenity and strength for her recovery.

Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance Therapy are all programs that are fully funded by generous donors to Primary Children’s Hospital. These programs allow patients, like Jazmyn, to keep singing, dancing, creating, and playing… without missing a beat.

Jazmyn just became a big sister on December 1 and is looking forward to taking care of her new little brother. Her parents know she will teach him how to dance, sing, and how to be resilient. Give today and help brave kids like Jazmyn!

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