Meet Easton

“We were so excited to add a second child to our family and the possibility of a “normal” pregnancy after a scary one. However, things changed at our 20-week ultrasound when we were told something was wrong with our baby’s heart. A week later, our baby was officially diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, or half a heart. Anxiety and fear instantly stepped in, but we knew we were in the best hands at Primary Children’s Hospital.” – Easton’s mother, Rachelle

As soon as Easton was born, he was transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital. Six days later, he had his first open heart surgery. The next two years were spent in and out of the hospital and included various life-saving surgeries and procedures. “Before he was born, doctors cautiously shared a statistic: “65% chance to live to age 5.” After receiving excellent care, we’re happy to say that he is doing extremely well at the age of five! If you were to meet him, you would never know he had a severe heart condition.” – Rachelle

Easton is one of the many children who will remain a patient at PCH into adulthood. He will be supported in the Single Ventricle Survivorship Clinic, a multidisciplinary clinic designed to patients achieve the good health necessary to enjoy life and to help manage any complications that arise related to single ventricle physiology. 

Easton will eventually experience heart failure and will need a heart transplant. His family is determined to enjoy each day they have together and live life to the fullest. “We know things will change at some point, but for now we enjoy every little moment of his life. He loves jumping, running around, doing summersaults, playing with Legos, coloring, and so much more! Rarely do you find him without a smile on his face. He is full of energy and life – we love it! We are so grateful for the time we have with him. The amount of joy he has brought to our life despite the difficulties along the way are immeasurable.” – Rachelle

Children, like Easton, bring hope to thousands of families that have a child needing advanced cardiology care throughout the Intermountain West. Donors, like you, can make a difference for these children and families.

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