Meet Hank

When Hank’s mother, Liz, was 19 weeks pregnant with him, Hank was diagnosed in utero with Congenital Complete Heart Block, a rare disorder which effects the heart’s electrical system. Hank was born at 29 weeks and stayed in the NICU at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital for 4.5 months before he could return home. ­

Hank’s official diagnosis included a Pacemaker Induced Cardiomyopathy, hearing loss, and the need for a heart transplant. While Hank has come a long way, his treatments aren’t over yet, and he continues to receive care at Primary Children’s Hospital for ongoing care.

Hank is a happy 9-year-old boy, who enjoys sports and doing anything his older brother Drew does. Hank’s treatments include attending a transplant clinic every 3 months to make sure his heart is staying healthy, as well as other programs and therapies funded by generous donors. His favorite is music therapy, which includes instruments, recording studios, and concerts. He loves riding the elevators and has memorized the layout of hospital maps.

“As far as Hank’s heart goes, he is in awesome shape.­ He received the gift of a fantastic heart 6.5 years ago that has helped him grow and learn,” Hank’s mom, Liz, says.­ “To keep that heart healthy, Hank takes 4 medications twice a day and will be continuing that for the rest of his life. It is anticipated that eventually he will need another heart transplant as a heart transplant is not a cure for heart disease.”

Support to Intermountain Pediatric Cardiology Unit helps patients like Hank continue to receive world-class care from amazing doctors, therapists, and staff, and changes their lives forever.

“[Hank] loves to see his heart transplant caregivers as they are like family to us,” Liz says. “Most recently Hank talks about being a doctor when he grows up.”

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