Meet Hallie

“Hallie’s journey started when I was 16 weeks pregnant. We went to the OB for an early gender check so that we could tell our parents for Christmas. Instead of walking out of that appointment discussing how to tell our families, I walked out trying to hold back tears. What should have been a quick peek at our baby turned into an appointment that diagnosed her with gastroschisis.

Gastroschisis is a birth defect that occurs before the baby is born. There is an opening in the baby’s abdominal wall and the baby’s bowels push through the hole and develop outside the baby. Our local hospital had a level four NICU to support her, but it lacked a doctor that could take care of her. We were referred to Primary Children’s Hospital.” - Kristin, Hallie’s mother

After Hallie was born, she made the trip to Primary Children’s Hospital where she began her treatment, which included an IV, intubation, and a special bag to support bowel movement.

After surgery, Hallie needed to wait six weeks for her bowels to start working on their own. Following some initial setbacks, Hallie was finally able to finish her treatments without any complications.

“The surgeon was phenomenal. The entire staff was kind and friendly. They explained things to us and made sure we understood what decisions were being made and why they were being made… The staff and Primary Children’s [were] amazing and so supportive during our stay and we are still good friends with one of Hallie’s nurses.” - Kristin, Hallie’s mom

Hallie is now a happy four-year-old who loves to read books and play with her brothers – she also starts school this Fall!

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