The purpose of this study is to gather information regarding the use of ketamine for refractory status epilepticus, including common practices and perceptions. Ketamine is an adjunct anesthetic sometimes used in the setting of RSE, though the frequency of use, typical starting and titration doses, duration, time of initiation, and other practices and perceptions remain unknown.

It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Participation in this study is voluntary. You can choose not to take part. You can choose not to finish the questionnaire or omit any question you prefer not to answer without penalty or loss of benefits. 

By returning this questionnaire, you are giving your consent to participate. We appreciate your willingness to consider participation in this study. Upon completion of the survey, if supplying us with your email address, you'll be entered into a drawing for a $200 Amazon gift card. You'll also receive a synthesized version of a ketamine protocol for RSE based on the responses and shared protocols. The results of this survey will also be shared with you prior to publication.

Your deidentified responses will be kept in a secure REDCap database, with no risk to you. You may voluntarily contribute your email address and a ketamine protocol/guideline within the survey. This is not required. If you do choose to contribute this information, it will be stored, along with other responses in the secured REDCap database. Your email will only be used to reach out to you at the conclusion of the survey to report our findings and to present a distillation of collected protocols, which you may use and/or compare to your current practices.

If you have any questions or complaints or if you feel you've been harmed by this research please contact Gabriel Fontaine, Department of Pharmacy, Intermountain Health at

If you have questions regarding your rights as a research subject, or if problems arise which you do not feel you can discuss with the Investigator, please contact the Intermountain Institutional Review Board at 1-800-321-2107 or by email at

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