Learning to emphasize with ICU patients

Dr. Samuel Brown, MD, Intermountain Medical Center, speaks with ABC 4's Nadia Crow about changing the way clinicians treat patients in the ICU: with increased empathy. His new book, "Through the Valley of Shadows" explores the topic and suggests how clinicians can humanize treatment. Watch the video below:

Open visitations in ICU improve patient and family satisfaction

Historically, intensive care units have strongly restricted families from visiting their loved ones in the ICU. New research from Intermountain Medical Center shows that by opening up the visiting hours, patient and family satisfaction improve. Critical Care Physician Samuel Brown, MD, with Intermountain Medical Center explains the study to Fox13's Zack Whitney. Watch the video below: 

Humanizing the Intensive Care Process

Samuel Brown, MD, director of Intermountain Medical Center's Center for Humanizing Critical Care shares how experts and researchers are working to help patients and families have better experiences while dealing with some of the most trying times in their lives. Watch the video below:

Open visitation in an ICU improves patient and family satisfaction

New study from Intermountain Medical Center shows that open visitation in an intensive care unit, as opposed to restrictive visiting hours, improves patient care and family satisfaction. Samuel Brown, MD, and Lori Mitchell, RN, explain the benefits to families in this report from ABC4. Watch the video below: