Current Projects and Research

  • Measuring physiologic stress response in family members of patients in the ICU. We are currently recruiting interested family members to participate. [Funded by Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation.]
  • Evaluating the effect of unrestricted visitation policy in the ICU. In this study, we evaluated the effect of removing essentially all restrictions on visiting hours in shock trauma ICU. [Funded by Intermountain Medical Center]​
  • Using vignettes to understand the patterns in individual perceived experiences in the ICU and life-threatening illness. [Funded by Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation]
  • Identifying and predicting patterns of patient-relevant outcomes after ARDS. [Funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute]
  • Improving prognostic models in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and septic shock. [Funded by Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation]
  • Evaluating the utility of current advance directives and content analysis of effectiveness.
  • Systems biology of brain dysfunction after sepsis.

Planned Future Projects

  • Develop an extensive library of video interviews with survivors and families of survivors and non-survivors, the Life After Intensive Care video history project.
  • Develop novel techniques to communicate and tailor discussions with patients and families based on prognosis and on personal views in their medical decision making.
  • Development of an ICU Aftercare Clinic for patients and their families.

​​​Completed Projects

  • Long-term follow-up of survivors of severe shock. In this study, we contacted long-term survivors to understand how they were doing. Patients with severe shock, once thought to be hopeless cases, actually had significant survival rates. [Funded by Intermountain Medical Center]