The Future of Research Based Cancer Care

Bryce Moulton, Clinical Research Director, Intermountain Precision Genomics talks about Intermountain’s focus on targeted cancer treatment that is based on a personalized approach to testing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.

Using Big Data to Improve Urgent Care Patient Safety

Intermountain Healthcare study, one of the largest of its kind (1.7 million adult patients) is discussed by Intermountain’s James Hart, MD, of Intermountain InstaCare, and Mike Woodruff, MD, Director of Emergency Department Quality. The study examined patient vital signs and the association with age, and found significant risks for older patients. The full study is available online in the July 2016 issue of the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.

3 Ways Healthcare Got Where it Is

Brent James, MD, Intermountain Healthcare's Chief Quality Officer and leader of the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research, talks about the massive historical changes that occurred in healthcare that brought us to our present system. He talks about what we need to do now to improve quality of care in our complex environment.

Intermountain Leads Cutting-edge Clinical Research

Dr. Brent James, Chief Quality Officer at Intermountain Healthcare, shares the distinguished history of research at Intermountain, as well as the key priorities that guide our participation in clinical studies.

World’s Largest Cardiovascular Research Database

We created one of the world's largest cardiovascular databases and DNA biobanks, and our research breakthroughs, like the discovery of 13 new genetic markers for heart disease, open doors for more effective care.

NICU Clinical Research Increases Survival Rates in Newborns

Newborn Intensive Care Units developed a new solution that is saving the lives of premature babies. Through clinical research they created and are successfully using artificial saliva, a solution that significantly reduces the risk of life-threatening infection in infants.