At Intermountain, we believe cancer care is about more than a diagnosis and treatment plan. Through our comprehensive team approach, advanced technology, and individualized cancer care, we are committed to helping our patients get well, live well, and stay well. It is through these efforts Intermountain’s cancer care and outcomes consistently outperform the national average.  

Utah’s Leading Cancer Network

Intermountain Healthcare offers the largest, most in-depth network of leading cancer specialists in Utah.

Better Outcomes

Our team of cancer doctors and advanced treatment techniques produce medical outcomes significantly better than the national average.

As a measure of Quality of Care, we have reported on and continue to measure the compliance and quality of preoperative staging and treatment of stage II and III rectal carcinoma.

For instance, an initial publication in April of 2019 was a retrospective analysis of nine Intermountain Healthcare facilities including Intermountain Medical Center. Cases were analyzed from 2010 to 2016. We were able to document variation from the standard of care in approximately 20 percent of patients. Measures including provider notification and continuing analysis of results has substantially increased our compliance to standard of care (less than 5% variation). We continue to monitor preoperative staging and neoadjuvant treatment in all rectal cancers treated at Intermountain Medical Center and throughout the Intermountain system.

Proven Technology

Intermountain Healthcare cancer experts are national leaders in advancing the use of intensity-modulated therapy.

Cancer Research

Intermountain Healthcare is a research partner with the Northwest Community Oncology Research Program (NW NCORP). Working with the National Cancer Institute, NW NCORP offers cancer clinical trials and cancer care delivery research to communities. Because Intermountain Healthcare provides the majority of oncology services in this region, Intermountain will be helping NW NCORP design initiatives to bring cancer clinical trials to patients of all ages across Utah.

Convenient Care

We offer convenient care at a wide variety of locations throughout Utah, bringing you quality care close to home.

Nationally Recognized

Intermountain Healthcare uses state-of-the art cancer treatment techniques and technologies that result in medical outcomes which are significantly better than the national average.

  • The largest, most in-depth network of leading cancer specialists.
  • A collaborative team approach to care, providing support for patients through each step.
  • Many clinical trial opportunities, enrolling more patients in more clinical trials than any other institution in Utah.
  • Convenient care at many Utah locations, for treatment close to home.
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Patient support and survivorship resources provide guideance and help for you and your loved ones.

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Clinical Trials

Oncology Clinical Trials is a department of Intermountain Cancer Services that is committed to improving the care and treatment for patients who are diagnosed with cancer by offering cancer research studies as an option to standard therapies.
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Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Centers work to bring outpatient cancer treatment closer to patients and their families throughout Utah. Through this partnership, the Huntsman-Intermountain Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Care Program caters to teens and adults diagnosed with cancer.