You and your family are likely feeling anxious to begin the right treatment. An oncologist will start by recommending traditional treatment methods for your type of cancer.

New technologies such as genomics testing may help identify personalized medicines available for your specific cancer. Talk with your doctor about genomics testing as you evaluate all your treatment options.

At Intermountain Precision Genomics, we understand how overwhelming and intimidating the cancer diagnosis can be. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed, we will work with you and your physician to learn more about you, your specific case, and create a personalized plan to treat your cancer and help you heal faster.

Cancer comes in many forms and types, and our advanced, cancer-specific approach has been proven to be effective in treating every form and variation. Whether you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, prostrate cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, lung cancer or any other type of tumor, we can help conquer your individual cancer. You are more than just a diagnosis and notes on a chart, and at Intermountain we are committed to treating each patient as an individual, and helping you live the healthiest life possible.


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Targeted Therapies

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Traditional Treatments

Doctors will usually recommend traditional treatments for cancer.