Intermountain Precision Genomics is on the forefront of personalized cancer testing for all types of genetic mutations. Our process is unique because every case is reviewed for clinical quality and therapy prioritization, and we discuss rare, difficult cases in Molecular Tumor Board review. This team approach gives community oncologists confidence in providing the best options for patients. Drug procurement is also available and clinical trial information is included in the results.

Our unique testing and evaluation process provides physicians with the information they need, when they need it, to treat each case of cancer confidently and effectively. And from start to finish, our five-step process takes just 14 days or less. 

Our 5 Step Process

5 step process

1. Sample is received

Physicians from across the nation submit tumor tissue samples. We notify them when a sample is received, and if the sample is not sufficient.

2. Wet lab (5-7 days)

Our team extracts DNA from the patient’s tumor specimen and sequences the genes to detect if any of the 96 cancer-related genes appear altered. We use Ilumina’s MiSeq and NextSeq platforms to detect with greater detail genomic mutations, including any inserts or deletions, structural variants, copy number alterations, and single nucleotide polymorphins. Once the gene sequencing is complete, our team notifies the physician.

3. Bioinformatics (5 days)

Our team takes a closer look at the gene sequence to determine what, if any, genetic mutations exist. At Intermountain Precision Genomics, we analyze a greater portion of a patient’s DNA to capture more detailed information.

4. Molecular Tumor Board (2 days or less)

Our Molecular Tumor Board consists of cancer and genomic experts, scientists, and physicians. This group gathers twice each week to review the bioinformatics, and suggests additional tests or effective treatment options based on the data. The information and recommendations are compiled into a report which the physician can easily access online.

5. Procurement (Up to 2 weeks)

From the report physicians can order recommended drugs and have them sent directly to the patient.