Who is eligible for Precision Genomics?

We serve any eligible patient regardless of where they live. The ICG100 test must be ordered by an oncologist through the physician portal. We work with oncologists throughout the United States.

Currently ICG100 testing is available to patients with late stage cancer and have failed a traditional treatment method.

Tumor samples are sent for testing to Precision Genomics Core Laboratory located in St. George, UT. 

Intermountain Precision Genomics in-house laboratory analyzes the DNA and genetic makeup of a cancer patient’s tumor. We are the only healthcare system in the nation with the capability to test and provide treatment for all possible gene mutation types. Because of this, patients have a dramatically improved chance for discovery of a treatable gene mutation. Nearly 80% of our patients have been connected to targeted therapies. No other healthcare system has comparable success.

Receive precision medicine wherever you live

Visit your community oncologist - ask about Intermountain Precision Genomics ICG100™ test for late stage cancer.

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