Kim Swain - Breast Cancer Survivor

We can be much stronger than we have ever imagined.


Rebecca Webber - Brain Cancer Survivor

Doctors could have taken a formulated approach to cancer treatment. But instead, they listened to my concerns and created a plan individual to my needs.


Rich Gilbert - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

It's amazing the kinds of treatments they can do now. They do so many modern things these days; you just can't believe it.‚Äč


Stephanie Todd - Aplastia Anemia Survivor

I was impressed that my doctor was able to diagnose such as rare disorder so quickly. I was sure he could provide every available resource to cure me.


Tracie Kirkham - Brain Cancer Survivor

There is no sense in asking 'why?' or 'why me?' Those questions can't be answered. It's more important to spend energy focusing on the positive.