CPAP and BiPap

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the most common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. A bi-level positive airway pressure machine (BiPAP) is similar to a CPAP machine, except that has a timed interval for airflow instead of a continuous flow.

Education and Training

Medical devices and equipment can improve your quality of life, but they can be confusing to choose and use. Qualified home health technicians can help educate and train you on the use of these important devices.

Equipment Delivery and Setup

You might need to have medical equipment that is too heavy or complicated to install on your own. In this case, your healthcare provider can send a delivery and installation specialist to get your medical device set up and working in your home or care facility.

Medical Equipment

You might need medical equipment while you recover from an injury or condition, or if you’re disabled. Mobility devices, implantable devices, and other tools like ventilators can keep you alive and healthy.

Medical Equipment Repairs

Medical equipment sometimes needs to be repaired by a doctor, surgeon, or technician. A broken medical device that you rely on to live is a medical emergency, and you should get help right away.

Wheelchair Fittings

A trained home healthcare technician can help you select and customize a mobility device (wheelchair or power wheelchair) to best fit for your needs. This may include a wheelchair fitting so it will fit your body and be comfortable for you.