Life Flight operates seven helicopters which travel between 120 and 150 mph: Two Agusta A109 k2’s and five Agusta AW109 SP Grand helicopters. These are twin engine, high altitude, high performance aircraft which provide the performance requirements for Life Flight’s high altitude and hoist mission profile.

Helicopters are based at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Provo, Uintah Basin Medical Center, Roosevelt, Dixie Regional Medical Center St. George and the Life Flight Operations Center at the Salt Lake International Airport. There is also a Neonatal Transport Team at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Intermountain Life Flight is CAMTS accredited. The standard flight team consists of a Flight Nurse, Paramedic and Pilot. Specialty care teams include additional Pediatric, Neonatal, OB and Mechanical Circulatory Team practitioners depending on the patient and mission. All rotor wing crew members are NVG qualified and all three flight team members wear goggles during night operations.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Life Flight operates three Beechraft B200 King Air airplanes — two based at the Salt Lake International Airport and one at the St. George Municipal Airport. These flying Intensive Care Units travel at 325 mph, can transport two patients with a medical team of four specialists and the pilot. Our Flight Teams provide exceptional critical care health care and transport though out the United States.


Life Flight has bases at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden; Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City; Intermountain Medical Center Murray; Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Provo; Uintah Basin Medical Center, Roosevelt; Dixie Regional Medical Center, St. George and Life Flight Operations Center, Salt Lake International Airport.

Service area for rotor aircraft generally extends 200 miles from the base and includes inter-facility transports, scene response, or hoist/rescue – SAR missions.

Life Flight provides transport services throughout the Intermountain west. Our fixed wing aircraft can travel 1,000 miles before refueling, and we routinely transport patients from Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and other locations around the country as well as take patients back home when needed.