The Life Flight crews are a very close group of people who depend on and trust each other, like family they are there to help in anyway they can. In the aftermath of the 2003 helicopter accidents, the teams were able to lean on each other for support and compassion. This often led to the spouses, family and significant others of those crewmembers feeling helpless and left out, in need of support as well. The Grounded Ones was created to fill that need and form a support network for those individuals: the families and loved ones of our flight team members.


The concept of a support network for families is not a new idea, what is unique is incorporating this support group within the flight program. Managed and directed by wife's, husbands and significant others of Life Flight employee's, the Grounded Ones provide moral and emotional support as well as remembering those who have gone before us, acknowledging and respecting those who have died in the line of duty and reminding us of their contributions to our service and our families.


The long-term goal of the organization is to support all members of the Life Flight team and their families, acknowledge significant events in their lives such as the birth of a baby by giving a special gift of a handmade quilt. Sylvia Zobell the wife of Flight Nurse Jim Zobell creates the blankets which are then finished by other members of the group.

Other Goals of the Grounded Ones are to help those less fortunate and going through difficult times of their own. Bringing food to families who are spending time in the hospital with loved ones or who have the heart wrenching experience of arranging and going through a funeral are ways the group can help. Participating in community projects such as helping in homeless shelters have provided members a greater sense of the needs of our community.


The Grounded Ones meet quarterly to discuss projects, meet new members and talk about future goals and objectives. The group is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to support our flight teams and their families.