Life Flight's respiratory team provides unique and specialized skills for patients needing advanced respiratory care during transportation.

The respiratory therapy team has respiratory therapists available on-call 24/7 to respond with our regular teams for patients with special respiratory needs. We have adult, pediatric, and neonatal therapists available. We also have several different types of ventilators to choose from depending on the patient's needs and can bring a liquid oxygen supplied ventilator for adults if needed or nitric oxide for newborns.

Respiratory therapists are trained in the use of Max 0xygen powered by the Aero-orb, a liquid oxygen reservoir containing 7330 liters of gaseous oxygen. Referring physicians and the Life Flight control physician determine when a respiratory therapist should accompany the fixed wing medical team. Respiratory therapists are a valuable resource for airway management when sophisticated equipment is needed. They are skilled in caring for patients with difficult oxygenation and ventilation needs during transport.

The Life Flight respiratory team began service in July 1984 with four team members with the specific task of transporting acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), acute injury, and critically ill patients needing advanced respiratory support.

The Life Flight respiratory team is also involved in teaching and outreach education events, as well as conducting training for the rotor and fixed wing adult flight teams. Respiratory team members receive the same flight training as the fixed wing adult team and participate in special training events such as winter and summer survival training. They attend annual flight safety training as well as weekly flight meetings.

The respiratory therapy team has adult pediatric and neonatal respiratory therapists available on-call, 24/7 to respond with our regular transport teams for patients with special respiratory needs. Different types of ventilators are available depending on the patient's needs.