Life Flight has a range of aircraft and ground transport available to ensure patients are transported by the most appropriate method available. We own and operate seven helicopters (rotor-wing) and three airplanes (fixed-wing), including one jet, out of our seven bases across the state of Utah. 

We also partner with local ground transport companies when ambulance transport is best for the patient. If ground transport is the only option due to location or weather conditions, our Critical Care and Rural Ground teams are ready. These teams are some of the most highly-trained medical transport personnel in the region. Their training includes more specialization than standard nurse/paramedic skills.


Agusta Grand

Life Flight has five Agusta Grand New helicopters. They are state-of-the-art, light-weight and ideal for both urban and rural landing/take-off. 

  • 200 mile service area
  • Terrain awareness system
  • Night vision goggles (NVG) compatibility
  • IFR equipped and certified 
  • WAAS capable for GPS approach
  • Terrain awareness and traffic collision avoidance (TCAS) systems
Agusta 109 K2

Life Flight has two 109 K2 helicopters, which are the most powerful twin engine helicopters in the industry. These aircraft are rescue hoist capable and meet Life Flight’s performance requirements for high-altitude operations.

Fixed-wing Airplanes

Beechcraft King Air B200

Life Flight has two Beechcraft B200 twin engine airplanes. 

  • Proline 21 avionics
  • Enhanced ground proximity warning system
  • TCAS
  • Satellite weather and tracking systems
Cessna CJ4
  • Range 2300 miles
  • All weather capability
  • Dual Pilot