Life Flight provides outreach education and training to EMS, fire, and other public service agencies. Life Flight also provides continuing education options for hospitals, clinics, and other medical professionals. Our most requested topics include:

General Medical 
  • Basic Airway Management
  • Difficult Airway 
  • Capnography for EMS 
  • Geriatric Trauma
  • Environmental Emergencies 
  • HAZMAT and Helicopter Operations 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury for EMS 
  • Trauma Assessment
  • Flight Operations: for 911 PSAP 
  • Landing Zone Safety and Security 
  • This is Life Flight - An Introduction to Life Flight Services 
  • Hoist Ground Team Training Course 
  • Helipad Security and Ramp Safety 
  • Patient Preparation and packaging for Transport
  • Fixed Wing Operations: Tarmac Safety
Pediatric/Neonatal Medical
  • ABCs of Pediatric Transport 
  • Pediatric Stabilization and Transport 
  • Pediatric Assessment: EMT 
  • Pediatric Trauma Overview 
  • Neonatal Resuscitation and Assessment for EMS 
  • If you don’t see a subject you’re interested in, we can develop a training program to meet your requirements 
  • Life Flight aircraft or flight crew participation may be arranged for a special event for your agency or community