Life Flight employs the highest standards for safety and we make it a regular part of our training exercises. We're also available to provide training to any of our community partners.

Outreach Education

Outreach education and training is an important part of the services that Life Flight provides to EMS agencies and other medical providers. Please scroll down to see the classes that we can bring to your agency.

General Medical

  • Basic Airway Management
  • Capnography for EMS
  • Spinal Injuries and Immobilization
  • Environmental Emergencies
  • HAZMAT and Helicopter Operations
  • Traumatic Brain Injury for EMS
  • Sternal Intraosseous Device - FAST
  • Chest Trauma / Trauma Assessment


  • Landing Zone Safety and Hoist Operations
  • This is Life Flight - An Introduction to Life Flight Services
  • Hoist Ground Team Training Course
  • Helipad Security and Ramp Safety

Pediatric/Neonatal Medical

  • ABC's of Pediatric Transport
  • Pediatric Stabilization and Transport
  • Pediatric Assessment: EMT
  • Pediatric Trauma Overview
  • Neonatal Resuscitation and Assessment for EMS


  • Training on a subject not listed - we would be pleased to develop a training program to meet your requirements
  • Life Flight Aircraft or Life Flight Crew participation in a special event for your agency or community

To schedule your training request, please contact us or fill out the request form.