2017 LiVe Well EAP Workplace Trainings

Workplace trainings are designed to increase self-awareness and offer practical techniques for personal and professional growth. Each training lasts approximately 60 minutes. These trainings are scheduled through company supervisors or human resources to be presented at the workplace.

The LiVe Well EAP Workplace Trainings Brochure lists all our trainings. LiVe Well EAP Workplace Trainings Brochure. The Employee Assistance Program offers trainings in the following areas:

  • The Mind-Body-Heart Connection: These trainings support the participant's effort in becoming healthier. Recognizing that there is a close connection between the mind and the body, these trainings weave these elements together to increase success in adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stress Management: In this series of trainings, participants learn how to become more resilient to stress and change. Skill building focuses on using humor, learning to relax and finding a personal formula for life balance.  
  • Life Skills: Learning new skills to deal with old problems is a resilient attribute. This series of trainings tackles old problems such as money and time management and handling the holidays with new suggestions and ideas.
  • Improving Moods and Healthy Thinking: Research demonstrates that changing our thinking is the most effective method of improving our moods. These trainings teach the difference between healthy and unhealthy thinking and how to identify and change thinking errors to more rational, useful thinking.
  • People Skills: Being able to communicate effectively with people around us is a critical life skill. These trainings provide valuable information and skill building on delivering assertive messages and listening without judgment.
  • Supervisor Support: These trainings enhance a supervisor's ability to be an engaged, effective leader.

Please call the Employee Assistance Program to schedule a training. Trainings are free as part of the Intermountain Employee Assistance Program benefit.