At The Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute you can feel confident you'll receive the best heart care available.

We Listen Attentively

Our care team is always willing and available to listen to your concerns, no matter how many you have. We spend time with you until your needs are met and your feel well cared for—both physically and emotionally.

We Answer Your Questions Well

Every one of your questions deserves a clear, detailed answer. We will walk you through our written materials and explain things in the way you learn best. Our care providers make time to answer your questions directly.

We Have Advanced Technology and Expert Knowledge

We are recognized as one of the nation's top heart care programs with highly-specialized experts in all areas of heart care. We have the most up-to-date technology in imaging, testing, and minimally-invasive procedures.

We Make Things Go Smoothly and Quickly

We know you expect us to be efficient and accurate. Our physicians and staff clearly communicate with each other, allowing us to diagnose heart problems rapidly and correctly. Our providers develop and carry out your care plan without delays or interruptions.

We also strive to coordinate clinic visits and diagnostic testing, so you can make fewer trips and have less wait times. And, we look for opportunities for you to see multiple specialists during one appointment.

We Understand That Every Patient is an Individual

Every heart patient is unique. We provide personalized heart care that accounts for your other health conditions, your lifestyle, and your personal needs.

We Provide Research Opportunities

Our clinical research trials provide access to the newest therapies, devices, and medication in heart care. These projects also explain the inner workings of heart disease and how to prevent it.

We Communicate Well With Your Other Doctors

As we care for your heart, our specialists will reach out to your primary care doctor to share the most current information about your condition and treatment plan. This way, your doctors can work closely together to better care for your overall health.

We Are Here When You Need Us

We provide rapid access to appointments and testing for high-risk patients or patients who have recently had heart concerns. We also offer cardiology consultations and diagnostic services at LDS Hospital, Alta View Hospital, Riverton Hospital, and Park City Medical Center, so you can receive care even closer to home.