Intermountain Heart Rhythm Specialists are now Intermountain Heart Institute – Heart Rhythm Specialists.

We are a highly-specialized program focused on treating irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia. It is our passion to provide treatment, research new therapies, and improve your life.

Advancing Technology and Improving Patient Safety

We are a leading center in improving technologies that treat arrhythmia. Our work has made treatments safer, more precise, and more successful. Be assured that you will receive the best care possible, including the right treatment at the right time. Some or our recent efforts include:

A Team Approach with Multiple Treatment Options

We have assembled an extraordinary team of cardiologists and heart surgeons who specialize in irregular heartbeat. When you come to us for treatment, this team becomes your team—working together to determine your best treatment option.

A Leader in Research

Research is an invaluable part of our medical practice. It pushes us every day to provide a higher level of medical care to every patient. Our current research includes international device and ablation trials, and the genetic factors of atrial fibrillation.