Hospitals and clinics are great when you need them, but home will always feel more comfortable and dignified. Many infusion services that were once only available in a clinical setting can now be administered at home. Isn’t that really where you’d rather be? Intermountain Homecare works with your physician to develop a medication plan and to coordinate the duration of your care. As a key part of the infusion service, patients also receive complete education about the plan of care, and we work to make your experience as painless, easy, and inexpensive as possible.

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What is Elder Care?

What is elder care? Americans are living longer and living well for longer periods of time. This has created a relatively new and growing area of health care and provider services, known as elder care...

Manage Your Medications

Managing medication can be complicated, particularly if you are taking several, and treating different conditions. Managing medications The following suggestions will help you manage your medications:...

Assistive Equipment for the Home

What assistive equipment might be necessary in the home? Assistive equipment is any kind of tool or device that can help simplify caregiving or make the environment safer for an ill, disabled, or elde...

Hospice Care Overview

What is hospice care? The word "hospice" literally means "a place of shelter." Today, the "place of shelter" is not so much a physical location as it is a service that helps a patient who is terminall...

Palliative Care Methods for Controlling Pain

Palliative care is used to manage a disease or medical condition that can no longer be cured, primarily by easing pain and other associated symptoms. Palliative care also eases other distressing sympt...


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