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Screening mammography is all about self-care. Utah women are pulled in multiple directions, bearing responsibility for work, family, and community. After attending to the needs of others, many women don’t take time to look after themselves, sometimes neglecting their basic healthcare. If you are one of those women, we invite you to schedule a screening mammogram. This simple step may save your life.

Intermountain Healthcare recommends that women of average risk begin annual screening mammography at the age of 40, and continue for as long as they are healthy. Although there has been some controversy about when to begin screening, and the appropriate interval between exams, all major health organizations and professional societies agree on two core principles: To save the most lives, screening should begin at age 40, and it should be yearly. According to scientific studies, mammography is the only screening test shown to save lives. Screening mammography has decreased the death rate from breast cancer by 40-50 percent over the last thirty years.

Screening mammography is for women who don’t have symptoms. You don’t even need an order from your doctor. If you have a lump or other suspicious symptom, you will need a diagnostic exam. In that case, contact your primary care provider for an order, then call us at the phone number included below and we will get you scheduled for the next available appointment.

Scheduling a mammogram

The quickest way to schedule a mammogram is to give us a call. We can easily get all the details worked out while you’re on the phone:


This form should not be used for urgent care matters or potentially life threatening conditions. In those situations, please contact 911 or head to the nearest Instacare or emergency room.

Mobile mammogram

Our Mobile Mammogram unit can make it easier to get a mammogram near you. Click here for details and to schedule a screening.

Don't wait. A mammogram could save your life.

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