Why Choose The Weigh to Health Program?

The Weigh to Health Nutrition Program is for overweight adults who want to lose weight, improve their health, and feel better every day.

This program works because:

  • It's Personal. You choose the classes that will help you learn the skills and knowledge you need.
  • It's Professional. The program is led by Registered Dietitians with training and experience in weight management.  Guest lectures are taught by professionals with other areas of expertise.
  • It's Proven. The program is based on the latest science about what works for weight loss, and how to help you make changes that last for a lifetime.

Program Features


Begin the Weigh to Health Nutrition Program by attending an Orientation Class where you will be provided with an in-depth overview of the program, meet other program members, and learn about setting weight related goals, tracking your progress, and how to develop a meal plan that best suits your personal lifestyle.

First Individual Session

 During your first one-on-one session with a registered dietitian, you will have the opportunity to develop an individualized plan for weight loss.  This session also provides an opportunity for you to discuss personal weight related concerns.

Additional Group Classes

After your first individual session, we invite you to choose 9 additional group classes to attend during the next 6 months.  At orientation, you will be provided a list of group classes offered in your area to choose from.  Classes are taught by a Registered Dietitian with guest lecturers from other specialties (exercise specialists, chefs, social workers, etc.)

Group Class Topics Include:

  • Exercise Core (required for program completion)
  • Behavior Core (required for program completion)
  • Prinicples of Healthy Eating
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Eating Out and Special Occasions
  • Body Image
  • Menu Planning
  • Weight Maintenance
  • and many more
Final Individual Session

Your final one-on-one session with a Registered Dietitian occurs as you complete the Weigh to Health Program at about 6 months.  During this session, you are able to review your future plan for further weight loss or continued weight maintenance.

Program Costs

Insurance Coverage 

The Weigh to Health Program may be covered by your insurance plan.  To determine benefit eligibility, please contact your insurance carrier for coverage details

SelectHealth Members 

Coverage for the Weight to Health Program is provided for many members who meet the following criteria:

  • Body Mass Index >30
  • Body Mass Index 30 or less with a diagnosed health related condition such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.
  • Weigh to Health Program completion


Payment of the program fee can be made upon entrance into the Weigh to Health Program, for those who not have insurance coverage and would like to participate.