Supplement your physical therapy

Aquatic therapy helps to:

  • Relieve pressure on joints
  • Improve pain
  • Improve walking pattern
  • Increase mobility and strength of any joint following surgery

McKay-Dee Hospital has two Hydroworx pools equipped with underwater treadmills, resistance therapy jets and underwater cameras all designed to actively work with your specific needs to produce positive physical therapy outcomes.

Aquatic therapy helps supplement land based physical therapy. In aquatic therapy we use our pools and equipment to help decrease joint loading, improve pain, improve gait mechanics, and improve mobility and strength of any joint following injury or surgery.

We have two Hydroworx pools. One of our pools has a zero-drop floor with the capability to raise the floor to be level to the deck surface and lower down to 6 feet. This system provides ease to the patients getting in and out of the pool, instead of using a lift or stairs to get in and out of the pool. This also allows incremental adjustments for various depths, which gives us the ability to gradually increase a patient's weight bearing. This pool also has a treadmill and 5 different underwater camera angles. Our other pool has stairs to get in and out of the water, a shallow end of 3 feet and a deeper end of 4 feet, along with a treadmill with 2 camera angles. Both pools have jets that create turbulence and resistance to swim, walk and exercise against. The treadmills can get up to 8 mph and the jets allow us to increase resistance further to mimic land based activities.