Knee Pain

When you have a problem with your knee, it can cause pain and impede your ability to be active.  There are many conditions that cause pain in the knee.  The knee specialists at the Orthopedic Specialty Group are experts in diagnosing your knee pain and providing the best care.  Common knee pain includes:

  • ACL tears or sprains
  • PCL and LCL tears and sprains
  • Meniscus tears
  • Kneecap Bursitis
  • Patellarfemoral Pain Syndrom (Runners Knee)
  • Patellar Tracking Disorder 
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tibial Fractures
  • Runners 

If you are experiencing knee pain while walking, running, or performing your daily activities, you should schedule an appointment with an orthpedic specialist.  Allowing a problem to persist and get worse could cause long-term problems.

Knee Treatments

No matter what kind of knee injury you have, the experts at the Orthopedic Specialty Group can help you choose treatment options to meet your needs.  We offer non-surgical and surgical treatment options to make sure make a full recovery.  Depending on your condition, treatment options may include.

  • Physical therapy
  • Injections
  • Knee arthroscopies
  • Partial or total knee replacements
  • Meniscus tear treatments
  • ACL repair surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery

Schedule an appointment with us and let us show you how we can help with your knee pain.