Biceps Tendonitis

The biceps tendon connect the biceps muscle to the bones in the shoulder. Biceps tendonitis [ten-duhn-EYE-tis] is when the top part of the biceps tendon becomes inflamed or irritated. The irritation can cause symptoms in the upper arm or in the rotator cuff.
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Common Shoulder Problems

The shoulder is where the collarbone, shoulder blade, and arm bones come together, allowing the arm to reach up, behind, and across the body. As with all joints, daily wear and tear or a sudden injury can cause shoulder problems over time.

Mini Open Rotator Cuff Repair

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that support your shoulder and keep the arm bone in the shoulder socket. If one of the tendons is torn or damaged, and if other treatments have not helped, fixing it may require surgery. A mini-open rotator cuff surgery way to inspect and repair the tendons in the shoulder without making a large incision.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Pain in your shoulder or at the top of your arm is often a sign of a rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff is the set of muscles and tendons that hold the bones of the shoulder in place. Common causes of pain in the rotator cuff include tendinitis or bursitis from daily wear and tear or strain, or a tear from a sudden injury, like a fall or hit to the shoulder.

Shoulder Dislocations

A dislocated shoulder is when the upper arm bone is pulled or pushed out of the socket formed by the shoulder blade. Dislocated shoulders are a common sports injury, but can also happen if you receive a hard blow to the shoulder in a car accident or a fall.

Shoulder Fracture

A shoulder fracture is a break in one of the bones that forms the shoulder joint: the scapula (shoulder blade), the clavicle (collarbone), and the humerus (arm bone). Fractures are often caused by a fall, car accident, or sports injury.

Shoulder Impingement Surgery

A shoulder impingement surgery, or shoulder arthroscopy, is a surgery to examine or repair tissues in and around the shoulder joint. A shoulder arthroscopy uses smaller incisions than open surgery, which helps reduce potential complications and healing time.
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Shoulder Separation

A separated shoulder is when the ligaments between your collarbone and your shoulder blade are stretched or torn. The place where these two bones meet is called the acromioclavicular [ah-kro-mee-oh-klua-VIK-yoo-lahr], or AC joint. Separated shoulders are treated with rest, medicine, and sometimes surgery if the injury is very bad.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Total shoulder replacement is surgery to replace a damaged shoulder joint with artificial parts, called a prosthesis. This type of surgery allows most patients to have less pain and more range of motion at the shoulder joint.