Several Intermountain Physical Therapy Departments offer concussion recovery services for athletes and others who sustain mild traumatic brain injuries during sport, motor vehicle accidents, or any other event. Though most concussions resolve within the first two weeks after the injury, some concussions persist for longer periods of time. 

The services that we offer to patients with concussions include:

  • Guided aerobic training to restore normal blood flow regulation to the brain
  • Treatment of associated neck injuries commonly sustain with the concussion
  • Balance and proprioception retraining
  • Education about concussion pathology, strategies for activity modification, and process of healing
  • Aquatic Therapy as needed to better supply the brain with blood
  • Guidance in returning to a sport

Our therapists work in an integrated way with physicians, neuropsychologists, athletic trainers, and other professionals to offer excellent care. Using the current best evidence, an integrated care approach, and state of the art technology we work hard to help people live the healthiest lives possible after their concussion. 

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