Our skilled physical therapy specialists have the expertise to treat head injuries and concussions, stroke victims, multiple sclerosis symptoms, Parkinson's symptoms, problems associated with aging, and balance problems. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and rehabilitation for our community. Your donations make it possible for us to develop programs to meet the needs of our patients. 

Some of our services include:

  • Helping you decrease your risk of falls
  • Transfer education, so you learn how to transfer from your bed to a wheelchair or to safely sit or stand on your own
  • Gait (walking) assessment and treatment
  • Treadmill training and video feedback, while your bodyweight is supported by a harness
  • Maintenance plans and programs to help you stay strong and mobile
  • Reducing secondary injuries by teaching you community mobility (how to get around in stores, on the bus, getting in and out of cars etc.)
  • Teaching you how to walk with prosthetic legs
  • Bioness® electrical stimulation for systematic retraining of many gait (walking) problems, as well as orthotic (brace) prescription and fitting 
  • Treatments for peripheral neuropathy
  • Pool therapy for those who need to reduce weight on a limb when learning how to walk again

Wheelchair Assistance

If you need a wheelchair, our physical therapists can do a comprehensive seating and positioning assessment. This assessment is usually done with a representative from a local wheelchair company to ensure all your needs are considered and met. 

When you get your wheelchair, our physical therapists will use the latest technology to properly fit you. This helps you have optimal comfort and positioning for your chair and can make the difference between independence and dependence on others. We will also educate you and your family about the proper use and care of your equipment. 

Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping is a computerized graphic representation of your seated pressure distribution. We use this graphic to understand your blood flow, pain, and comfort in relation to how your wheelchair and cushion fit you and helps us determine possible equipment needs. By locating and correcting areas of high pressure, we're able to reduce the skin's breakdown, reduce the chance that you get a pressure-related wound and optimize the healing of your wounds if you do get one.

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