CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser surgery combines laser skin resurfacing and collagen rejuvenation in a single treatment to permanently reverse the signs of aging. The results of the treatment do not fade over time, so patients can reverse six to seven years of aging in as little as 30 minutes.

When is CO2 laser surgery beneficial?

Patients who see the best results with CO2 laser are those looking to reduce wrinkles, reduce or erase brown spots, lighten scars, or decrease the size of skin pores.

How is CO2 laser surgery performed?

Rather than removing the whole surface of the skin, this treatment uses a high-powered carbon dioxide laser to precisely create microscopic holes in the skin, much like an aeration process. Depending on the settings, several hundred cylindrical micropieces of skin can be removed per square inch in one second. 

The laser pinpoints can be adjusted to customize the treatment for each patient for optimal results. The patient feels only mild pain, if any, during the procedure.

What results can I expect?

Shortly after the procedure, most patients describe the feeling of “a bad sunburn,” and experience only three to four days of redness and swelling. Within a week or two, the patient is fully healed and has a noticeably fresher look.

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