Face reconstructive techniques can restore form and function for patients who have facial defects after skin cancer excision or other facial trauma.

When is facial reconstruction used?

Patients who have trauma from skin cancer treatment or from nasal fractures, orbital fractures, eyelid injuries, cheek fractures, and jaw fractures can be treated with facial reconstruction surgery. These injuries may cause other complications, so patients should seek medical treatment quickly.

How is facial reconstruction performed?

Most skin cancer reconstruction can be performed in office under local anesthesia. Surgeons can also perform surgical and nonsurgical treatment for facial fractures and can use facial flaps, soft tissue grafts, or other implants to replace or repair skin, muscle, and bone.

What results can I expect?

Once the tissues fully heal, scars are minimized and it is often difficult to tell any face reconstruction surgery was performed. Your surgeon will discuss surgical options, expected outcomes, and possible complications at your consultation.

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