Measuring blood saturation levels

Oximetry is a test that allows the measuring of a patient's blood saturation levels. This is a non-invasive test. A finger pulse oximeter is equipped with technology to rapidly detect changes in your blood oxygen level. This device records a patient's blood oxygen levels at night to determine if a patient experiences significant drops in blood oxygen levels, which can be an indication of sleep apnea. 

A finger pulse oximeter is easy to use, just clip it on your fingertip to get a blood oxygen reading. These devices are picked up in our office at the Sleep Lab and brought back the next day. 

How Does a Pulse Oximeter Work?

A finger pulse oximeter functions by shining light through your finger. The sensors detect how much oxygen is in your blood based on the way the light passes through your finger. Pulse oximetry is the technology calculating the results to display a number on the oximeter's screen that tells you the percent of oxygen in your blood. A finger pulse oximeter also measures your pulse rate. The Intermountain Sleep Disorders Center uses a finger pulse oximeter or a wrist oximeter that can be adjusted for comfort with a soft tip probe.