Expert Cycling Performance Services

Cycling Services at the LiVe Well Center will help you become a better cyclist in less time and with fewer injuries.  Dr. Max Testa has worked with professional and recreational cyclists for over 25 years.  With our expert analysis we will show you how you can:

  • Get faster
  • Ride comfortably
  • Improve power
  • Prevent injuries
  • Train more efficiently
  • Be properly fit to your bike

Cycling Services

The Cycling Lab

The Cycling Lab is a complete assessment and analysis of your cycling performance.  It includes:

  • Musculoskeletal Analysis
  • Bike Fit
  • Performance Test.

Please bring your own bike for this service.  The complete services lasts approximately two hours.  

If you do not wish to participate in the full Cycling Lab, you may schedule a Bike Fit or Performance Test as singular services.

Bike Fit

We specialize in medical bike fitting that not only puts you in a comfortable, ergonomic position, but one that will help with your specific injury or medical condition.

Performance Test

Performance tests (Lactate Assessment or Vo2 Max) allow you to get the most out of your training time and train in the safest possible way. Through performance testing we can help you:

  • Determine training zones for more efficient training 
  • Get faster
  • Improve power
  • Improve endurance

Customized Training Program

Based on your goals, injury assessment, and results of your performance test, we will create a training program specifically for you. We provide exercise prescriptions to improve strength in key areas, and a schedule of rides and training zones that will help you reach your goals for the cycling season.

Musculoskeletal Functional Analysis

We conduct an in-depth physical exam of your body's strength and joint flexibility, assess injuries and possible risk for future injuries.