Professional Bike Fit

Having your bike fit is important for anyone who wants to ride comfortably and without injuries. It is one thing to buy a road bike that is the right size, but another to make sure that bike is adjusted to fit your body and riding style.

Medical Bike Fitting

The Intermountain LiVe Well Center offers professional road bike fitting and specializes in medical bike fitting. We not only put you in a comfortable, ergonomic position, but one that will help with your injury history or medical condition. 

We examine joint angles and body position during the peddle stroke to optimize efficiency and power output. We make adjustments by watching you ride, not just by your measurements.

Based on your biomechanics and measurements we adjust:

  • Saddle height and set back
  • Handlebar height and reach
  • Cleat position and alignment

Why Do I Need To Have My Bike Fit To Me?

There is value to having your road bike fit every few years as your body changes or your cycling goals change. A precision bike fit is especially valuable if you are experiencing any of the following conditions.

  • Hands or feet get numb during a long ride
  • Back or neck hurts after a long ride
  • Knees or hips hurt during a long ride
  • Pedal stroke feels weak
  • Pedal stroke is difficult or uncomfortable