Since the LDS Hospital bone marrow transplant program began in 1978, hundreds of adult patients have received transplants for a variety of malignant and non-malignant diseases.

We are one of only two blood and marrow transplant programs in Utah.

Our Philosophy

We believe in and practice an interdisciplinary team approach with the patient and their family as the central part of the team. Our commitment begins at your initial evaluation and continues through your return back to health. Our goals are to cure your disease and help you have a high quality of life once you’ve recovered from the transplant. ​


Area Amenities

LDS Hospital is located near downtown Salt Lake City, with easy access to many hotels, restaurants, stores, and other amenities.


Our Facility

LDS Hospital is located on a hill overlooking the Salt Lake Valley with rooms offering a beautiful view of the Salt Lake skyline.

A female physician consults with a female patient in a clinic exam room

Our Team

Each team member plays an important role in the transplant team.