Your bone marrow transplant team includes physicians, nurses, and social workers. You and your caregivers/family members are an important part of this team. Each team member fills a vital role:


The patient should be the ultimate decision-maker regarding their care. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions, tell us what you need, and speak up if you arein pain or notice physical changes or problems. It’s important that you follow through on treatments and recommendations made by other members of the team.


Our experienced board-certified doctors and mid-level providers will help manage your daily physical care, perform procedures, and coordinate with other consulting specialists.

An Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) 

An Advanced Practice Clinician is a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. They will help the doctor with your care. 

Financial Coordinator

The financial coordinator handles all billing and financial issues for both the patient and donor. They work closely with insurance companies to figure out benefits and request authorization. They can also help identify financial assistance options and handle all billing and financial issues.


You will see nurses both in the clinic and in the hospital unit. They assist with your daily care, assess symptoms and side effects, manage medication administration, and provide education about your plan of care. Social Worker The social worker can provide emotional support to patients and families. They can help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss. They can also help connect you with community resources, housing, and spiritual support.


A dietitian will help you maintain a healthy diet that will give your body the calories and nutrition it needs to heal. They also evaluate your need for intravenous nutrition or other nutrition supplement options.