Utah's premier liver transplant program — Intermountain Liver Transplant at Intermountain Medical Center — began in 1986 at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. We began as the 14th liver transplant center in America and the second center in the West. To date, we’ve performed more than 700 liver transplants, including living-related, deceased donor, and split liver transplantation.

More than 18,000 patients are listed for liver transplant throughout the nation. Intermountain Medical Center averages 40 to 45 liver transplants each year with a 93 percent survival rate for the first year.

In addition to treating liver failure, we specialize in treating all diseases of the liver and bile ducts. Areas of expertise include primary and metastatic tumors of the liver, bile duct problems, portal hypertension, liver cysts, and all types of hepatitis. Our affiliation with the Liver-Pancreas Center provides state-of-the-art care for these difficult problems. Our goal is to restore quality of life to patients with advanced liver disease.


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