Before You Arrive

To be referred to our program for a transplant evaluation, you will need to send us your most recent labs, imaging, and other records. ​​​


Life After Transplant

With the experience of the Intermountain Transplant Center team and your diligent efforts to care for your new pancreas, a normal life is once again possible.​​​

A male doctor sitting in front of a computer talks with a female patient wearing a black baseball cap


Your first clinic visit will begin in the morning with a short orientation and proceed throughout the remainder of the day. ​​


Tests & Evaluation

Pre-transplant tests help us determine your overall health status and identify potential problems before they occur.


Transplant Surgery

The process you can expect for your pancreas transplant surgery.


Waiting List

Once you complete testing and evaluation, you’ll be placed on the waiting list for a cadaveric pancreas donation.​​​