Connect Care Pro® connects our patients, no matter where they are, to Intermountain’s world-class experts and providers, so they can receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Using a system of cameras, speakers, and television screens to connect patients and providers in different locations, Connect Care Pro® offers services in clinics and hospitals, and works with Connect Care to provide care in patient homes. The following services represent a sample of the 35+ telehealth and provider support services offered by Connect Care Pro®.

Behavioral Health

In Utah's rural areas, qualified behavioral health specialists may be hours away when patients need them most. Connect Care Pro® is connecting patients and providers for both crisis care and outpatient psychiatry. When our patients are in need of compassionate care, this additional support is making a difference and improving outcomes for our patients.

Crisis Care: We quickly connect patients facing a behavioral health crisis with crisis care workers in Salt Lake City. Once connected, these experts conduct real-time evaluation of patients and consult with on-site clinical staff about diagnosis and treatment, including recommendations regarding patient transfer and follow up treatment.


For patients suffering ischemic stroke, tquick treatment is essential. Connect Care Pro® patients in EDs to neurologists at Intermountain Medical Center, who conduct real-time evaluations and consult with on-site physicians to determine treatment, including administration of tPA, and follow up care.

Cancer Care

Oncology: Patients battling cancer often have to travel great distances for treatments. Connect Care Pro® allows providers to connect with patients closer to home, answering questions and supporting patients whenever they need it. This program saved patients at just one of our supported hospitals an average of 330 miles, round trip – adding up to a combined $111,000 savings over 631 treatments.


Experts at Primary Children’s Hospital offer several services through Connect Care Pro®, including:

  • Craniofacial Consults
  • Critical Care Consults and Monitoring
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Hospitalist Consults
  • Nutrition
  • Oncology
  • Speech Therapy
  • Trauma
  • Urology

Women and Newborn Care

Genetic Counseling: When women with high risk pregnancies discover abnormalities, Connect Care Pro® can ease the added stress of traveling to see a genetic counselor by connecting women at Maternal Fetal clinics to specialists at Intermountain Medical Center.

Lactation Support: For new moms struggling to feed their babies, Connect Care Pro® brings lactation specialists into communities that might not otherwise have them, allowing the new mom to get the education that she needs without having to travel.

Newborn Critical Care: For critically ill babies and their families, access to neonatal specialists can be an important safety net in the first moments of life. Connect Care Pro® allows neonatologists to connect with babies that are born with complications, and collaborate with bedside staff on their care - in some cases, keeping these babies closer to home and family and avoiding unnecessary transfers.

Wound Care

For patients with wounds that need specialty care, Connect Care Pro® uses telehealth to connect them to providers for the care they need, in hospitals, clinics, and homes.

Provider Support Services

 OB Team with patient at McKay

If it’s determined that a patient needs to be transferred to a tertiary or quaternary care setting, Connect Care Pro® also offers Provider Support Services, including a Clinical Coordination Team that helps facilitate transfers, along with Transfer Center, Patient Placement, and Life Flight programs.