How Many Calories Does Your Body Burn At Rest?

Understanding your body’s metabolic rate is vital in order reach your health and fitness goals. A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test determines the amount of calories or energy you need to function while at rest.

How Does A Resting Metabolic Rate Test Work?

An RMR Test is the most relaxing test we perform at the LiVe Well Center.  During your RMR Test, a special mask will be placed over your mouth to collect oxygen and carbon dioxide levels as you breath.  The test lasts approximately 20 minutes.  During that time you lay quietly on a bed listening to relaxing music and breathing regularly.  

Patients are encouraged to come to the appointment fasting for at least three hours for accurate results. Patients should also avoid exercising before the test and drink plenty of water to be properly hydrated. We typically recommend RMR tests to be done in the morning. 

How Will An RMR Test Help Me?

An RMR test can help all individuals reach their health and wellness goals.  Once you know your metabolic rate you can:

  • Calculate your caloric intact to maintain or lose weight
  • Calculate how many calories you burn during exercise

Our staff will go over the results with you and help you develop a plan to effectively use your metabolism to regulate your dietary intake and reach or maintain a healthy weight.