LiVe Well Centers are your resource to living the healthliest life possible. The services we provide will help you gain a better understanding of your health and wellness and a focused plan on how you can live well.

The LiVe Well Centers offer three levels of services to meet your health needs and goals:

  1. Core
  2. Choice
  3. Custom


Core services are the foundation of the LiVe Well Centers. They are designed to help you understand some of the whats and whys of living well and take the important next steps of a healthy lifestyle.


The next level of LiVe Well services is Choice. Here you get to choose what path your personal health takes, whether it's focused on exercise, diet, or lifestyle.


The LiVe Well Custom services take advantage of each LiVe Well Center's unique staff and services to design a personalized wellness plan. You can get an in-depth look at your health and fitness with our custom service packages.