What's your morning habit? Do you roll out of bed and right down to breakfast? Do you wake up slow or jump right in the shower? Do you exercise before eating breakfast?

Is this your reaction to that last question: "Wwhaaaat?!?!... that's crazy!!!!"

If so—don't be so fast to dis the idea. It feels good to help your body wake up with some stretching and a bit of physical activity—before putting food in your mouth. There's even research showing that getting in a bit of a workout (we're not talking intense here) before breakfast can actually help shed weight for people who need to take off excess pounds—and some people really like taking a walk or a short jog in the morning before sitting down to eat breakfast.

Before you get out of bed in the morning, stretch your arms over your head and lengthen your legs as long as you can by pointing your toes. When you stand up, stretch some more. Loosen yourself up by rolling your head, neck and shoulders around. Bend over and touch the floor, and then stand straight, raising your arms high.

On days you don't have to rush out the door, like weekends, summertime or during school vacations, consider taking a walk or quick run. Try it once or twice—you may love it!