An instant way to make a family meal special—take it outdoors!

Whatever you're eating, it's more fun eaten picnic-style with a group of people you really enjoy being with. It can be small (just your immediate family) or huge (a giant family reunion); It can be near (your backyard) or far (a destination picnic at a park or beach worth the drive); It can be simple (salads and sandwiches) or fancy-schmancy (gourmet recipes)—just make it happy and healthy by following these simple rules:

  • Foods to avoid—Fried foods, salads made with mayonnaise, sugar-loaded drinks, and desserts.
  • Foods to enjoy—Fresh salads, marinated grilled meats, veggies with dip—and what's a picnic without watermelon?

One more great thing about picnics

You can make your picnic extra healthy and extra fun by adding in some exercise! Badminton, softball, soccer, races, and long walks are all great ways to work up an appetite!​