At the mall you and your BFF head to the food court for something to drink. You know soda's not good for you so you head to the smoothie bar, right? Not so fast. These frozen drink-treats often contain a whole day's worth of calories!

Many store-bought smoothies are made with sweetened syrups, chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, and whipped cream—all of which makes these supposedly "healthy" drinks not healthy at all. Some smoothies contain almost 1,000 calories and several days' worth of fat and sugar. Would you believe these can be as bad as if you ate a double cheeseburger and a medium order of fries?!

They're not all bad news—pick carefully

Many smoothie bars offer a menu of healthy or light options that are lower-calorie and have less fat and sugar. Look for drinks made with just fresh or frozen fruit, skim or soy milk, and non-fat yogurt. Choose smoothies with fewer than 300 calories and order the smallest size. Or if you are just thirsty try quenching it with a bottle of water instead—no calories, no fat, and no sugar!​