Three things your kids should do after school and before the video games or TV is turned on, include: 

1. Something, anything physical. After a long day of sitting and paying attention, a kid's body needs to get a move on! You can encourage your kids to:

  • Walk home from the bus stop.
  • Walk the dog (he needs exercise too!).
  • Go for a jog.
  • Jump rope 
  • And much more ...

Even if your son or daughter has sports practice in the late afternoon or evening, it's good to take a few minutes after school to exercise and reboot the brain.

2. Checking in with mom and dad. Whether by phone or in person, parents want to know how their child's day went — what went well, not so well, what homework and projects are on the docket, etc. Encourage your child or children to check in with you once they get home.

3. Finishing homework. Don't allow your son or daughter to get in the habit of putting homework off until just before bedtime — that's so not cool. Get your kids to finish their homework first so they can enjoy their evenings without worry.