Mills Park features more than a mile of paved walking and riding trails with a variety of route options thanks to a unique triple-loop configuration around the various sports fields. Using adjacent connecting trails can bring the round trip mileage up even more for those looking for a longer walk or ride. The park also features a disc golf course, tennis courts, baseball fields, exercise stations, tennis courts and a playground. This trail is wheelchair friendly and suitable for children and adults of all ages.


Mills Park is located at 1850 South 1200 West in Woods Cross, Utah. To reach the park from I-15 in Davis County:

  1. Take Exit 315 for 2600 South.
  2. Turn west onto 1100 North/2600 South and continue 0.5 miles to 1100 West.
  3. Turn right onto 1100 West and continue 0.7 miles to 1850 South.
  4. Turn left onto 1850 South and continue 0.1 miles to the end of the road at 1200 West.
  5. Turn left onto 1200 West and then immediately right into Mills Park.

The Route

From the parking area, begin walking or riding west toward the playground and sports fields. Each of the three sports field areas has its own loop trail around it, offering users the opportunity of doing a 0.7 mile loop around the entire park, or a mix of smaller loops and figure eights. Turn right at the playground and begin traveling north along the fields. Follow the trail as it turns left at the north end of the field and begins heading west.

Continue walking or riding, passing by the first of two paths that divide the larger loop into the three smaller loops. Follow the path as it turns left arriving at a junction near a small building. Go straight here to loop the two inner fields, or turn right toward the baseball diamonds to complete the outer loop.

Keep going past the baseball diamonds until the path turns left and heads south along the western edge of the park. The route follows a sidewalk a short distance before a junction is encountered on the left to re-enter the park. Turn left here and begin walking east past a junction that leaves the park heading south. If you’re looking for a longer walk, turn right here and continue 0.5 miles until it ends, or just keep going straight to stay on the main loop.

Just past the junction, the trail climbs a small hill and passes by the two inner loop junctions before passing by the tennis courts and eventually leading back to your starting point. From here you can take another lap, or try out another route through the various loops.

Rules & Regulations

  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Pack out all trash.
  • No dogs allowed.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.